MLM Matrix Plan Software

The matrix level plan is also known as forced matrix business plan comes under the categories of MLM business plan. In this plan, there is limited width and depth set by multi-level marketing business companies. The concept of the matrix level plan is completely based on matrix multiplication. Numbers of distributors get recruit according to the goal set by the business companies. Every business plan has some rules and guidelines which are set by multilevel marketing companies.

A brief discussion Matrix MLM Plan is must before getting into the "Unilevel Plan Software". The width of the plan is unlimited, but payment fees are done on a limited depth. An up line member can add as many down line members he wants in his or her list. As the plan is unlimited, the chain can be extended to the utmost length.


Let Us Suppose 3*7 Matrix. This means the total number of width is 3 and the depth is 7. If you are on the top, you can recruit 3 more new members underneath to yourself.

Your second level will be 9, the third level is 27 and finally at the seventh level, the numbers of members underneath to yourself will be 3279.

Important points related to Matrix MLM plan

  • This growth of the network in this plan is rapid as unlimited distributors can be sponsored by each member and more distributors mean more sales and more chances of income.
  • The organization is run by a simple intention and this makes a clear path for the growth.
  • The appealing nature of this plan is related to the unlimited growth supported.
  • The network structure is the simplest and each member finds it easy to understand.
  • The simple nature of this plan is extended with support by a specially designed MLM software perfect for unlimited member management.