This MLM Uni-Level Plan is one of the simplest concepts in MLM industry. Every individual or company can easily convey and explain this Unilevel Plan to new comers and MLM Business affiliates.

In Uni-Level MLM plan each link can recruits new comers in the front line. Each affiliate can introduce new comers in any width and the commission distributed up to a fixed limited depth as per MLM compensation plan.

MLM Unilevel plan software running many networks businesses and also provide openings to each and every group (users and distributors) of this business plan to earn money. The more suppliers will you recruit down line, the more benefits you will get from the multi-level marketing companies as there is no width in this business plan.

How does MLM UniLevel Software help?

There is no any depth in Unilevel Business compensations plan as you can add unlimited of members in a single chain.

At JKS Techno software solutions you will get free demo services so that you understand the business plan in ethical and in a prominent way.

Advantages of MLM Uni-Level Plan

  • Simplicity of MLM Uni-Level Software Plan through which easy to explain for new comers.
  • Recompense level customized as per company requirements..
  • Reward and bonuses integration easy at any level or frontline.